Clothing’s emotional value

“The emotional power of clothing and of accessories is impossible to overestimate. Still, when I very rarely buy something new from a proper shop, I have to let it settle into my life before I can wear it. It has to hang around my bedroom, waiting to be introduced – like those rigid, crepe-soled, daisy-punched Clark’s leather sandals, bought in preparation for my autumn return to school. Every garment in my wardrobe has a story to tell; where I bought it, why did I buy it, where have I worn it? Who have I worn it with? “

This is a snippet from an article by Elaine Kingett on the emotional power of clothing. I love these words, I don’t think they could be phrased better. I have always felt that sense of novelty when I buy a new piece of clothing, it takes a while for it to integrate with the other members of my wardrobe. Regardless of what the clothing looks like, we often remember an associated story, a funny time when wearing it, a terrible time that might end in us burying the piece of clothing away. Each item almost like a photograph of a moment in time.

Below is a link to the full article

Disclaimer: this is an extract of an article I read online, it is not my own work.

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