Fashion month: Top 5 looks

What a couple of weeks it has been. Incredible shows. Breathtaking design. Endless hard work. Fast pace coordination. Nightmare cancellations due to the virus.

Meanwhile, I’ve been sat at my desk struggling through my heap of coursework, indefinitely distracted by social media saturated with AW/20 content.

I’m struggling to keep on top of posting whilst writing my final year essays and dissertation, but I’ll be back in full force soon.

Nevertheless, here are my top 5 looks:

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood – image taken from instagram

I love the dark aesthetic to such a perfect gown designed by Andreas Kronthaler, and modelled by the striking Bella Hadid. This look represents a dark and different wedding, rather than flowers the bride holds a dagger. The shoot had a very Isabella Blow-esque feel to it. Vivienne Westwood never fails to amaze with such gorgeous daring designs. Westwood is one of my favourite designers, she is such a character.

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela – taken from instagram

So many different stimuli for the eyes in this fit, which technically clash but it just works so well. John Galliano is a genius. The checked fabric with the accentuated sleeves and the head piece have a Victorian feel to them. The plastic on the bag – ‘protective in the weather’, a very creative but practical idea. Perhaps it goes deeper too – given the scale of plastic as an issue for the environment, maybe in some senses it is symbolic of this issue. Plastic surrounds us and engulfs perfection (littering/ ocean etcetera). I think this might be my favourite look.


Givenchy – taken from Instagram

Somehow my entire wardrobe is black. I love it. It’s simplicity, it’s mystery, it’s class. Black symbolises so much. This look is so traditional and elegant. My most recent collection for the Modo Opulence show had a similar aesthetic to this look.

Alexander McQueen

The volume! The crisp cotton – I can practically feel it on my skin. I’m usually quite impartial to a ‘mullet’ dress (short at the front and long at the back) – in fact they usually scare me, but not this one. For me, the dress is so pure, falling so perfectly, but combined with the leather chest rig and trousers – the look is almost becomes an oxymoron.

Off White

Off White – taken from Instagram

I feel like this ‘collaboration’ caused a little controversy within the arc’teryx community. Nonetheless, it’s so different to everything else I’ve seen during fashion month. It fuses high fashion (it’s almost a haute couture gown) and street style, it’s very interesting.

I was particularly impressed by the sustainable efforts that were made in most shows. The fashion industry is well known for lavish and luxurious. But this season they really captured style and sustainability, whilst maintaining brand integrity and luxury. Efforts are of course underway, and it’s definitely becoming noticeable.


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