Some closet grails…

3 of my favourite vintage pieces, dug out from the depths of my style icon/mother dearest’s wardrobe

Shot by Rose Dodd, modelled by sister Fay Dodd

Whilst rummaging through the depths of my mother’s closet, I came across the most stunning Moschino blazer, lined with a fabulous lime green silk. The double breasted blazer, now mine, was bought to wear to a premier in the early 90s when my mum was working in LA (how glamorous).

The silk scarf is Dior, and very old Dior at that. My mother found it in a charity shop in LA in the late 80s/early 90’s. It’s floral design is built upon numerous shades of green, it looks stunning with the blazer’s lining.

Isn’t it funny how we frequently shadow our parents style? I suppose it provides us with insight into our heritage, into what our parents might have been like when they were younger. My fashion sense has matured over recent years, and my body has developed. Now, I fit perfectly into my mum’s 90s favourites. What a dream.

The Laine wool Chanel knitted top was an eBay find. eBay, like a flea market or even a charity shop, can be a rather daunting shopping experience when one lacks the skills required to sift through heaps of trite that may surround a hidden gem. Once the craft is mastered and one has developed the skill to sift, a new realm of shopping is unveiled – a realm of heritage, originality, and recycling – all at low costs! Secondhand shopping comes with practice, patience, and when using online platforms, playing with filter settings (‘lowest price’, ‘buy it now’, ‘ending soon’).

In light of everything going on in the world today; the climate crisis, inequality and injustice based on race and gender, and maltreatment of workers involved in larger corporations (to name a few), shopping or wearing secondhand cuts financial contributions to big names who contribute to global warming and use slave labour. Wearing secondhand is undoubtedly a first rate approach to reducing the weight of our presence on our precious planet.

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