Designing RED: Opulence Collection No.2

As a designer for the UCL MODO fashion society, I participated in the society’s second annual show, themed ‘Opulence’. Being in my final term of university, my schedule was jam packed, so I opted to make a smaller collection consisting of four pieces: two dresses and two headpieces.

RED LOOK 1 & 2, shot by Dibble Moments.

I began by mood boarding to define my interpretation of Opulence. My board was filled with an array of divine gowns, haute couture structures, extensive layering and frills, body contoured dresses, dark and lavish colours.

Opulence mood board by Rose Dodd

‘Opulence’ is defined as great wealth and luxuriousness.

I envisioned Opulence as a story, a woman in an unhappy marriage. Perhaps money and greed interfered with a love that was once there, and the marriage became dark, whilst the couple’s existence remained luxurious.

My designs were originally very structured and technical with lots of wiring, much like those in my mood board, however, they became a little more simple; slim fitting and elegant. I suppose this was in part due to my limited time and technical skill.

DESIGN 1: ‘Anastasia’ dress and headpiece

Design 1: Mid length satin dress, with mesh ribbon ties on the shoulders and down the side from beneath the armpit to the bottom. The dress has 3 pieces; the front and back breast and back sections which are tied together with mesh, and the skirt, sewn and cinched to the top sections. The mesh veil-like head piece is build upon a fascinator base, and designed to be clipped into the hair, featuring feathers, satin roses, and a mesh veil.
Design 1.

DESIGN 2: ‘Lakayya’ dress and headpiece

Design 2: Mid to long length, lose fitting, halter-neck, satin dress with a slit up to the waist and a low hanging front and back. The dress is build from 2 pieces, front and back. The head piece is a variation of that from the first look, featuring mesh, roses, and feathers.
Design 2: the dress has a very low and lose fitting back.

The key features of my designs include veil-like head pieces featuring mesh, satin roses (as featured in my last collection for the Sustainability show) and black feathers, long black evening gloves, and mid-to-long satin dresses.

Next I cut my patterns and began constructing the dresses.

Final pieces – shot by Adam Pietraszewski and Tom Dibble at the Opulence show in March.

LOOK 1: The Anastasia dress and headpiece

Shot by Adam Pietraszewski
Shot by Adam Pietraszewski
Shot by Adam Pietraszewski

LOOK 2: The Lakayya dress and head piece

Shot by Dibble Moments
Shot by Dibble Moments
Shot by Adam Pietraszewski
Shot by Dibble Moments

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