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Following my last post on society’s elevating obsession with skincare products, I am sharing my go-to skin products. 

it has taken me a while to curate my perfect routine, but now I’ve found one which works for my skin type. The costs of my products vary from high to low. I would recommend anyone of these products, but of course, everyone’s skin is different and may react accordingly. 

My skin type is oily and acne-prone. My skin goal is hydration and firmness to slow down any ageing. I personally prioritise having younger-looking skin over a couple of spots. Despite being rather spot-prone, my routine seems to work and my breakouts are far less frequent, only coinciding with my menstrual cycle. I still get small black-head-like spots which are presumably due to excess oil. I think many people with oily skin avoid moisturisers or hydrating products with the goal of matte looking skin.


In the mornings I use a foaming cleanser for normal/combination skin by Clarins. The wash is really gentle and purifying. Having trialled many face washes in my time, especially when I was younger and suffering from acne, I found that harsher washes can irritate the skin and inflame spots and redness. After rinsing with tepid water, I gently pat my skin dry. 

I then use a collagen-boosting serum by the Inkey list. Collagen is a highly abundant protein in the body, vital for keeping skin firm, elasticated and young. Collagen levels typically decrease with age, contributing to looser, wrinkling skin. There is conflicting evidence as to the value of using collagen serums or taking collagen supplements because it is difficult for serums to penetrate to the layer of the skin where they must reach for effect, or in the case of supplements, they are often broken down in the body faster than they are converted for use. Nonetheless, copious studies have shown that collagen treatments do improve skin firmness and youth, and I personally notice my skin feels firmer when I use it. 

Once the collagen-boosting serum has soaked into my skin, I use a regenerative anti-ageing lotion by the Algenist. This product contains alguronic acid which supposedly minimises the appearance of wrinkles and increases skin radiance. I haven’t got many wrinkles so I suppose I am unaware of the products potential, but so far so good. 

The final product I use in the mornings is the ultra facial cream with broad-spectrum SPF 30 by Kiehl’s. Using a product with SPF is essential to prevent wrinkles as sun damage is a big culprit contributing to premature ageing. I have only just begun using this product; it is well absorbed and nice to my skin, but I have noticed that if I moisturise over my lips (which I often do), it has a very strong taste of sun cream which really lingers! 


Tragically, I get really excited to do my evening routine. After a long day, having a clean, fresh face, stripped of the day’s stresses and impurities, is therapeutic. I start off with my Clarins foaming cleanser, patting my skin dry afterwards. I follow my wash using The Ordinary 0.5% Retinol in squalene. I have heard so many good things about this product, and I myself can vouch for its benefits. Retinol has been scientifically proven to improve the health of skin cells, with benefits for spot prone skin and ageing skin. The Ordinary’s products are available for charmingly low prices too. 

I then use Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair with synchronised recovery complex II, which is a really hydrating serum that promotes damage repair. I massage this into my face using my hands, followed by my Algenist anti-ageing lotion. Once the products have been absorbed by my skin, I use the hydra essential moisturiser by Clarins. This is so light and refreshing. I keep mine in the fridge so it’s cold on my face. Then… I’m ready for bed. 





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