Clothing’s emotional value

“The emotional power of clothing and of accessories is impossible to overestimate. Still, when I very rarely buy something new from a proper shop, I have to let it settle into my life before I can wear it. It has to hang around my bedroom, waiting to be introduced – like those rigid, crepe-soled, daisy-punched Clark’s leather sandals, bought in preparation for my autumn return to school. Every garment in my wardrobe has a story to tell; where I bought it, why did I buy it, where have I worn it? Who have I worn it with? “

This is a snippet from an article by Elaine Kingett on the emotional power of clothing. I love these words, I don’t think they could be phrased better. I have always felt that sense of novelty when I buy a new piece of clothing, it takes a while for it to integrate with the other members of my wardrobe. Regardless of what the clothing looks like, we often remember an associated story, a funny time when wearing it, a terrible time that might end in us burying the piece of clothing away. Each item almost like a photograph of a moment in time.

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Soho nights

Chotto Matte, Soho, London

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Le Chiquito

Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito bag is at the pinnacle of societies most impractical micro trend. The bag comes in three sizes, identified by its trapezium-shaped silhouette and unmissable/ slightly disproportionate larger handle. The bag fits very little in, but wearers just don’t care (myself included).

The bag represents Jacquemus’ iconic exaggerated approach to its accessory designs. Jacquemus has become well known for its playful yet simple, exaggerated designs including oversized straw hats and shoulder bags, square-cut clothing and baggy trousers, bright colours, and abstract clashes seen on the runway. And now, the Jacquemus Le Chiquito has become an absolute wardrobe must have.

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The most recent Mini Le Chiquito measuring a mere two inches debuted in the AW19 show in Paris in October. The ‘bag’ has been an must have, despite its reduced storage space (reduced being an understatement). Regardless of the size, the bags styling potential is extraordinary. Instagram posts of the mini Le Chiquito’s versatility have gone viral, it has been seen incorporated into different hairstyles, worn as a ring, wrapped around peoples wrists and ankles, as a belt. Numerous other mini accessories were seen on the runway in the Jacquemus SS20 show, and additionally other brands including Prada, suggesting the micro trend is here to stay.

Simon Porte Jacquemus began designing just 10 years ago after the death of his mother, whom the label is dedicated to. In 2017 he won the Fashion Director’s Choice Award at the Elle Style Awards. Jacquemus was nominated for brand of the year in The Fashion Awards 2019 and additionally Simon Porte Jacquemus for accessories designer of the year. In just 10 years, the 29 year old has nurtured his brand into a successful and well known brand worth 10 million pounds.

As soon as I saw the Le Chiquito (the intermediate sized bag), I fell in love. It became the top of my shopping list, especially with its incredibly reasonable price of roughly £380. I am a absolute sucker for minis’, couldn’t tell you why, but they just do something to me. Be it a mini box of chocolates, a mini bottle of drink, a mini cushion, a mini bag, theres just no saying no to a mini. As a student, its been hard to justify spending the money, so for a couple of months I refrained from making the purchase and the bag sat in my SSENSE shopping basket. I kept saying “when i get paid”. This was until Paris fashion week… the bag was worn with multiple looks on the runway and suddenly everyone was buying it. The bag actually sold out completely on multiple sites including SSENSE and Farfetch. On eBay people were selling them for £900, saying “sold out world wide” in the description. Not going to lie, I was stressing a little. Anyhow, I managed to get my hands on a lilac Le Chiquito and I have never looked bag. I can fit some chewing gum, a travel sized lip gloss and my keys in it. But what more do you need?

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Who is RED?

A bit about me… my name is Rose. I am 21, living in London and studying Neuroscience at university. Neuroscience is insanely interesting, I spend most of my lectures in awe of what I’m learning. Neuroscience is a passion of mine, however it’s not the career path I intend to take. Instead, I wish to pursue a career in fashion. Since I was young, I have loved fashion, and it was always I wanted to do as a teen. At the start of 6th form, I had a slightly sporadic epiphany to study science, or more specifically medicine. I don’t regret this decision at all, because it has got me to where I am now, allowing me to move to London, experiencing a whole new life which I LOVE. Moving to London exposed me to this buzz of culture and creativity that echoes through the city, and it was this that confirmed to me that fashion is what I want to do. SO, I am now doing everything I can to become successful in a very competitive industry which I’ve HEARD, and I might be incorrect, can be unwelcoming to new faces. With crossed fingers, I hope that my motivation, my creative genetics and my driven mindset will get me to where I aspire to be. In the mean time, I’m willing to fail until I succeed, because it’s in the failing that we learn the most.

I am also in the process of setting up a care tech business. It’s something I feel very passionate about and would love to do on side fashion journalism.


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