Skincare loves

Following my last post on society’s elevating obsession with skincare products, I am sharing my go-to skin products.  it has taken me a while to curate my perfect routine, but now I’ve found one which works for my skin type. The costs of my products vary from high to low. I would recommend anyone ofContinue reading “Skincare loves”

fundamentals of the SKINCARE obsession

Why now do we care for our skin more than ever? I can’t quite put my finger on whether skincare is particularly popular at the moment, or if it has always been this popular and I’ve only just gotten on board with the skincare obsession. Skincare product usage is certainly more widespread than it was three decadesContinue reading “fundamentals of the SKINCARE obsession”

Fashion month: Top 5 looks

What a couple of weeks it has been. Incredible shows. Breathtaking design. Endless hard work. Fast pace coordination. Nightmare cancellations due to the virus. Meanwhile, I’ve been sat at my desk struggling through my heap of coursework, indefinitely distracted by social media saturated with AW/20 content. I’m struggling to keep on top of posting whilstContinue reading “Fashion month: Top 5 looks”

Antony Gormley: RA – Review

Antony Gormley, an internationally renowned sculptor, with works recognised all across the world, from the Northern UK coastlines, to Manhattan skylines. Gormley has now taken over the main gallery at The Royal Academy with his latest sculptural installation. The exhibition explores Gormley’s diverse range of materials, including organic, industrial and elemental materials. The installation focussesContinue reading “Antony Gormley: RA – Review”

Le Chiquito

Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito bag is at the pinnacle of societies most impractical micro trend. The bag comes in three sizes, identified by its trapezium-shaped silhouette and unmissable/ slightly disproportionate larger handle. The bag fits very little in, but wearers just don’t care (myself included). The bag represents Jacquemus’ iconic exaggerated approach to its accessory designs.Continue reading “Le Chiquito”